Our Mission

We are committed to providing collaborative art experiences that go beyond borders, cultures and languages for children with long term hospital stays, children who are challenged by social difficulties and children who desire to help children by actively providing group art experiences and installations. We provide collaborative art experiences that generate global awareness and provide children with an understanding of different communities by using art as the tool for individual and collaborative expression. We believe in making children smile and laugh while participating in art experiences. We believe that a patch works.

Our Story

How we help

The Need

If you have ever been a patient in a hospital or visited someone in a hospital you know just how scary, bland and generally depressing they can be. For most adults a visit to a hospital is something we try to avoid so imagine being a child and spending most of your time there surrounded by doctors, nurses and hospital staff with no one to play with. Not much fun.


will allow children in hospitals, schools and community youth programs the opportunity to meet, communicate and collaborate through visual art projects. In the first year it is expected that over 1000 youth will participate in collaborative art projects organized by the organization. apatchworks is registered as an American 501-c3 non-profit organization.

The Philosophy

We believe in changing the life of a child one patch at a time and creating smiles.


Our Work

The Service

To provide a medium for the expression and interaction of children in need with children who desire to help.

To create living and vibrant spaces in hospitals, community centers, corporations, school that allow people to appreciate, enjoy and experience collaborative art created by children.

To raise awareness about children in need through art.

Programs & Products

Work in hospitals
Work in communities
Art training for hospital volunteers
Teen training program France
Community Service Art Consultation
Hospital/ School Collaborative Mosaic Murals

The Goal

To add color, art and creativity into the lives of children with cancer and other long term illnesses.

To creatively impact the lives of over 5000 children with cancer by providing art experiences that improve the quality of life in a hospital and creating vibrant spaces in cancer wards of children’s hospitals, schools and family & community centers.

To inspire and witness over 5000 smiles by 2016.


Meet the Team

Our team is made up of people who care about children. Our goal is to provide artistic collaborations that help improve the quality of life for hospitalized children with cancer or children long term hospitals stays. Generating creativity, laughter and smiles is what we strive for.

  • Stacey Wilson-McMahon

    Stacey Wilson-McMahon


    A professional artist and art teacher. Stacey has over 20 years experience teaching art to people aged 2 and up. She has lived and worked in 4 countries. Her favorite art mediums include calligraphy, silk painting and mosaics and she has exhibited her work in France, Antigua, and Australia. She loves working with children and teaching art. Her goal as an art teacher is to creatively inspire each person to find the artist inside.

  • Michelle Clay

    Michelle Clay

    Board Member

    Director Law firm Clay & Associates, legal and fundraising adviser, board member of the Clay Scholarship & Research Foundation. Michelle has worked for many years raising funds and awareness for educational programs in the US.

  • Gillian Cooper

    Gillian Cooper

    Board Member

    Senior Programme Officer for Capacity Development; Commonwealth Foundation, UK. Gillian worked for the RSPB as the West Africa Partner Development Officer, coordinating and delivering the Society’s capacity development programme for its West African national partner organisations. She has over fifteen years of experience working internationally within the civil society sector with a focus on equitable sustainable development, natural resource management, sustainable tourism development and capacity building.

  • Fidel Amos

    Fidel Amos

    photographer/videographer/ Instagram Guru

    The son of an African-American dad and Italian mom, Fidel spent the first 15 years of his in different parts of the world; Italy, South Korea, Germany and here and there across the U.S.. He graduated high school in Kansas and attended college at Kansas State University, moving to NYC afterward. From 2001-2015, as a NYC-based freelance photographer, he worked for hundreds of individual clients, including fashion magazines, sports teams, newspapers, celebrities, private organizations and portrait studios. In addition, he has documented the work of multiple charity organizations in various parts of North America, Europe and Asia. He currently resides in Italy.

  • Suelae Robinson

    Suelae Robinson

    Press Coordinator / Facebook Guru

    Passionate about art, journalism and helping others, Suelae joins the apatchworks team to share her experience in social media journalism.

Our Corporate Sponsors

apatchworks celebrates the relationships and support our corporate sponsors provides us as it allows us to passively impact the lives of children with cancer and need

  • Bisazza


    Since 2008

    The Italian company Bisazza has been providing mosaic glass tiles and grouting material for all of our mosaic murals since 2008. By June 2017 they will have donated over 1,000,000,000 tiles.
    "We are delighted to be involved in Apatchworks’ extraordinary projects, because, over the years, the donation of our colourful glass tiles has contributed to making new artistic and playful experiences possible for these children, who are fighting for their lives. Seeing them smile, giving them these happy moments, is our reward.” Rossella Bisazza

  • MCS Apparel

    MCS Apparel

    Since 2014

    This luxury men’s clothing company has been providing financial, marketing and merchandising support since 2014 and is the producer of the the T-Cell Warrior Onesie’s.

  • UGF Industries

    UGF Industries

    Since 2014

    This French company has been producing wooden sea shapes for our collaborative sea themed mosaic murals since 2014.