apatchworks was founded by Stacey Wilson-McMahon, an American artist and art teacher. This is Stacey’s story:

I come from a family of patchwork quilt makers – the Jaco’s, from Salisbury, Missouri, USA. My journey to the founding of apatchworks began in 1990, on a visit back home to Salisbury, when my great Aunt Edna gave me some of our family heirloom quilts along with a pile of patchwork squares. They were over 100 years old. Aunt Edna challenged me to carry on the Jaco tradition by encouraging me to use the pieces into a new quilt that would be an heirloom for my daughter. Since receiving those timeless treasures, it has been my quest to find a way to incorporate the concept of a patchwork (joining together of different pieces of art in a unified piece that protects us) not only into my art and teaching but also into my way of life. In 1995 I lost my mother to breast cancer after a long battle. In 2010, I lost my father to pancreatic cancer. In 2013 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and have been cancer free since March 2014. It is my personal goal to spend the next 50 years of my life using my skills as an art teacher and facilitator to help improve the quality of life of children with cancer and in need.

The Name

The name apatchworks can be read in many ways. When you separate each word it literally means a patch works or in other words a patch or bandage can help. Apatch is an acronym for Actively Providing Art To Children in Hospitals. The last meaning of apatchworks is linked to the director and founder Stacey Wilson-McMahon whose ancestors were patchwork quilt makers and left her with the legacy of using patchworks to creatively change the lives of others.