Teaching young people of all ages the importance of community service is vital to changing the world we live in.

If your school would like to be involved with engaging, creative and collaborative art experiences that help improve the quality of life children with cancer or in need, see below the ways you can get involved.

Host an art supplies drive. We are always in need of the supplies listed below.

Host a drive of supplies in your school

Supplies we need;

  • Crayola Crayons new
  • Crayola Crayons used without wrappers
  • Non –toxic colored markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Non-toxic fabric markers
  • Paint brushes- all sizes excepted
  • Scissors
  • Metric rulers
  • Cotton patchwork fabric –cut into 30cm / 12inch squares- any solid or printed fabric
  • Zip-lock bags

If you have art supplies to donate that are not on the list, please contact us to check if they items have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that satisfies hospital regulations.

Handmade Theme Decorations

We also need special theme decorations Halloween, Christmas, Hanukah. Encourage your students to make the following theme crafts that will be used for our in hospital/ family center holiday parties;

  • Make Halloween Masks
  • Tree Ornaments
  • Hanukah decorations
  • Holiday placemats

We are also open to original creations so long as they depict our holiday themes and that no less than 20 items are made.

Contact us to donate materials

Aternatively, if you would like to make a cash donation, please click the button below: