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Sunday 5th June, Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Annual Spring Clean-up,

with the theme of “Asterix & Obeliix” (ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt).

I walked up to the gates of the Ronald McDonald House late on the Sunday morning and I was surprised to see the normally vacant parking lot occupied by stalls, with many people weaving around them. People were dressed in togas, robes, elegant gowns, and Asterix attire. Kids were running around with prizes and snacks, probably propelled by the sense of excitement in the air. I eagerly made my way inside and upstairs, passing by adult volunteers working like bees to clean the house.

IMG_3930                                                   RMH-JUNE 5 TEENS IN ACTION10

Out in the back garden, I found the apatchworks Craft Corner, where teen & adult volunteers were setting up crafts. There were 10 different creative activities all revolving around the theme of the day ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. After lunch provided by McDonalds, all the volunteers waited eagerly for children to arrive. The children were reluctant at first but as each one sat down and started painting or gluing or stamping or whatever it is the activity called for, they were completely captivated. Soon a hum of bubbly chatter could be heard and smiles could be seen all round.

RMH-JUNE5-APW-RONALD-EUGENIE-                                                  RMH JUNE 5-ADULT V-RONALD1

More excitement came with the surprise appearance of Ronald McDonald himself. He entertained the kids with impressions, posed for photos and even sat down with a few children to do crafts as well. In the afternoon there was a costume competition with prizes given for the best adult costume in male and female category and the best other cool looking costumes all based on the Obelix & Asterix theme. Yet the truly magical part was when our friend Eugenie, who’s wish was to win the best girls costume, got an amazing makeover by teen volunteers; Jade, Jeanne, Fleur and Mia, and went on to win the prize for best girls costume. The crowd burst into applause and she had the smile of a champion on her face!


RMH-JUNE 5- EUGENIE-JADE                                        RMH-JUNE 5-LOLO-EURGENIE

At the end of the day, the Harley Davidson Club of Paris, France arrived on their beautiful Harley’s ready to give everyone a chance to have a ride on a an genuine Harley around the parking lot of the Institut Gustave Roussy! Young and old alike joined in the fun and hopped on a Harley for a magical ride around the parking lot. Even our teen volunteers got up the courage to take a ride. It was a day that will be remembered by all and I can’t wait till next year.