Summer Under the Sea – St. Stephen’s Under the Sea Mosaic Mural

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This summer Apatchworks had the pleasure of collaborating with the St. Stephen’s Summer Youth Program, a program that provides a safe, supportive, educational and fun environment for inner city children and teens while school is out of session.

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The youth had the wonderful opportunity of taking part in the making of a giant mosaic mural, with the theme of Under the Sea. Many of the children did not know what a mosaic mural was, nor had they ever seen mosaic tiles. Their excitement and engagement was amazing at this new experience.

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They wrote beautiful messages of hope and encouragement on the backs of the panel before they began gluing on the colourful tiles.

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We couldn’t have done it without our generous sponsors: Bisazza donated over 20,000 tiles, while UGF Industries France that created the wooden sea creatures that will be placed on top of the mural background.

The mural will be on permanent display at the St. Stephen’s Epiphany Church in the Roxbury area of Boston. We are delighted to say that children undergoing long-term treatments at Boston Children’s Hospital have been invited to make mosaic fish to fill the sea.   

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It is hoped that the Under the Sea mosaic mural of St. Stephen’s Epiphany Church in Boston will be filled with fish by the end of 2016. Many thanks to Kemarah Sika, director of St. Stephen’s Summer Youth Programs, and her team for helping apatchworks bring this opportunity to so many young people in the city of Boston.

ISG Students Perform T-Cell Warrior Flashmob in Piazza de Ferrari, Genoa

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The students of the International School of Genoa (ISG), Italy started preparing for the T-Cell Warrior Flash mob in September 2015. A school wide effort was made, students from preK to grade 12 learned the special Apatchworks T-Cell Warrior Haka. On December 10, 2015, 160 students came together on the school field to do their first T-Cell Warrior flash mob. This was all in preparation for the big event on March 17, 2016 where the students performed the flash mob at the Piazza de Ferrari in the center of the city of Genoa, Italy. We commend them for being so brave in the brisk morning air! Both flash mobs were dedicated to the children of the pediatric oncology units of the Giannina Gaslini Children’s Hospital in Genoa, Italy. Way to go Warriors!!

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MCS Apparel signs long term partnership agreement with non-profit organization apatchworks

MCS Apparel signs long term partnership agreement with non-profit organization apatchworks


Paris, 2 October 2014 – MCS announced today its new international partnership with apatchworks©, an American 501c(3) non-profit organization which mobilizes the creativity of children hospitalized with cancer and children in need. MCS has committed to fundraise and finance artistic projects devised by apatchworks© at an international level through a series of events by engaging its boutiques in 40 countries worldwide.

In December 2014, Welcome Packs, including MCS/ apatchworks designed T-CELL night shirts, will be distributed to children on pediatric wards in a number of hospitals in France. T-CELLs being a type of white blood cell that plays a central role in killing cancer cells.

Both MCS and apatchworks© are extremely enthusiastic about this new partnership that will raise awareness of children in need, while also stimulating their sense of fun and artistic creativity.

Andy Rigg, the MCS Marketing Director commented: We are proud to be partners with apatchworks©, and brand our vision of social responsibility with creativity.” And Stacey Wilson-McMahon apatchworks© founder and director added: Children with cancer need to have meaningful experiences and the opportunity for art. Thanks to MCS, this is going to be possible…”

MCS and apatchworks© together for children in need.