ISG Students Perform T-Cell Warrior Flashmob in Piazza de Ferrari, Genoa

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The students of the International School of Genoa (ISG), Italy started preparing for the T-Cell Warrior Flash mob in September 2015. A school wide effort was made, students from preK to grade 12 learned the special Apatchworks T-Cell Warrior Haka. On December 10, 2015, 160 students came together on the school field to do their first T-Cell Warrior flash mob. This was all in preparation for the big event on March 17, 2016 where the students performed the flash mob at the Piazza de Ferrari in the center of the city of Genoa, Italy. We commend them for being so brave in the brisk morning air! Both flash mobs were dedicated to the children of the pediatric oncology units of the Giannina Gaslini Children’s Hospital in Genoa, Italy. Way to go Warriors!!

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Milan T-Cell Haka Flash Mob

Milan T-Cell Haka Flash Mob

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Imagine a crowd of people in bright blue and white patterned onesies dancing wildly to loud music in the middle of an Italian square. You’d probably be witnessing a T-Cell Haka Flash Mob.

The atmosphere was buzzed the minute the dancers started to appear in their T-Cell Onesies, drawing more than a few second glances from people in the square. Spirits were high and the energy was contagious.

The T-cell warriors formed a sea of blue and white, their strong, bold moves painting a vivid picture of what apatchworks is really fighting for: raising awareness about the war against childhood cancers.

That’s what a T-Cell Haka Flash Mob is all about. Bright smiles and fun times in the midst of battle.

And this isn’t the first time the T-Cell warriors have put on a Flash Mob like this one. The warriors conquered Disneyland Paris with their Haka as well.

All of this was possible due to the vision and hard work of Director Stacey Wilson-McMahon, in cooperation with event planner Charmaine King, and Simona Spaiardi, who managed public relations, sound and video for the event in Italy.

We Are All T-Cell Warriors

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apatchworks mcs partnershipAlthough the weather is getting warmer, for the past few weeks, you may have noticed people in Paris, Milan, Barcelona and more all bundled up in cosy white and blue onesies.  These young people are T-Cell Warriors, and they’re wearing original T-Cell Onesies created for and in support of apatchworks by MCS Apparel.

This all was the brainchild of apatchworks Founder and Director, Stacey McMahon-Wilson, Charmaine King director of Faubourg & Figueroa and Andy Rigg, MCS Marketing Director, and his amazing team at MCS Apparel. Through the generosity of MCS, our T-Cell Onesies were fabricated, produced and are being sold on MCS Apparel shops online and all around the world.  MCS has orchestrated a publicity campaign that has exceded our wildest Justine Mattera apatchworksdreams-  with film, television, sports and lifestyle icons all proudly sporting our Onesies and spreading the message of support behind them.  Our cause has been written up in  Huffington Post, OGGI and other popular Italian media outlets, all of whom are sharing our vision of bringing smiles into the lives of children fighting cancer and other life-threatening hardships.


Grazie mille, MCS, we can’t thank you enough for all that you have done!